Social Security Disability

Trenton, New Jersey, Lawyers Assisting With Securing Benefits

Going through life with a disability is not easy. Completing what some may deem an “everyday task” may seem as difficult as scaling a mountain to a person suffering from a physical or psychological affliction. Oftentimes, these disabling conditions make it difficult or impossible to maintain gainful employment. Securing Social Security Disability benefits can quickly become a necessity.

If you have submitted an initial application for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and have been denied, do not get discouraged. This is relatively common.

At the Trenton, New Jersey law offices of Devlin, Cittadino & Shaw, P.C., we assist disabled individuals through the process of Social Security Disability hearings and appeals. It is the goal of our experienced Social Security Disability attorneys to help you achieve the monthly stipend and medical benefits you so desperately need. We can also assist in negotiations with private disability insurance companies.

Navigating the piles of complex paperwork associated with a SSDI appeal can be daunting. Increase your chances of success by contacting us at (609) 896-2222. The lawyers at our firm serve clients in Mercer County and throughout South and Central Jersey.

We Have Answers to Your Questions About SSDI

With more than 40 years of legal experience behind us, our firm is prepared to support disabled clients in securing the benefits they need to lead a life of dignity. We are able to answer questions associated with all aspects of SSDI, including those surrounding working while collecting benefits, the role of your doctor in the success of your claim, and what you can personally do to help your case.

Supporting You Through Every Step of the Process

We recognize the frustration that can result from dealing with confusing forms, listening to automated phone voices instead of talking to real people, and putting up with slow moving government processes. As your legal representatives, we work to lessen the stress associated with appealing a Social Security Disability claim denial.

We will help you accurately complete necessary paperwork. We work with you to prepare testimony for the administrative law judge hearing. And, if necessary, we will stand by your side all the way to the federal court of appeals.

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