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After accident, man comes out of coma and gets to go home

On Behalf of | May 28, 2020 | Personal Injury

When a man from Connecticut got into a horrific car accident in New Jersey, his family thought they had seen him for the last time. Sixty-two years old, the man has been married to his wife for 40 years. She never thought she’d talk to him again. He is also a grandfather and those grandchildren thought they wouldn’t get to see him again, either.  

The reasons are twofold. First of all, the man ended up in a coma. Doctors thought he would not survive, much less recover. They simply did what they could and waited for him to pass away. 

Secondly, the current travel restrictions meant that family members could not visit him in the hospital. For more than a month, he stayed by himself at University Hospital in New Jersey. No one was allowed to see him. 

Fortunately, this story has something of a happy ending. The man beat the odds and came out of the coma. He survived when doctors thought that he wouldn’t. Roughly two weeks ago, his condition began to massively improve. He was doing so well that the doctors even said that he could go back to Connecticut. 

His family believes that the medical staff saved his life, and they are incredibly grateful. They were also so happy to see him that people in his town held a parade when he finally got to leave New Jersey. 

While this story does tell the tale of his recovery, massive injuries like this can still leave someone with hefty medical bills and other costs. They need to know what rights they may have to financial compensation. Speaking with an attorney after a serious accident about your rights is always wise.