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Cops say fatal motor vehicle accident tied to drunk driving

On Behalf of | May 18, 2020 | Wrongful Death

Car crashes can happen for so many reasons, even ones that are out of the control of the drivers involved. However, a collision that happens because of something that was very much within the control of a motorist may be cause for criminal charges. A recent fatal motor vehicle accident here in New Jersey may fall in that category, as authorities claim that it was caused by a drunk driver on a suspended license.

Police say that the crash happened early on a Tuesday morning on a local highway. One vehicle was allegedly rear-ended by another, causing the first car to be pushed into oncoming traffic. A third car struck it on the passenger side. The driver of the first car was rushed to a nearby hospital but did not survive his injuries. Police say that the man worked for a local county prosecutor’s office for many years. The other two drivers involved were not injured.

Police arrested the driver that rear-ended the first vehicle. They claim that the man was intoxicated at the time of the crash, though they have not disclosed how they determined that. They charged him with being involved in a fatal motor vehicle accident while driving on a suspended license. It is not clear whether he may face charges related to intoxicated driving as well.

This type of collision should never happen, especially if it is true that it was the result of drunk driving. A motor vehicle accident that proves fatal can devastate a victim’s family, both emotionally and financially, as they try to manage the unexpected costs that often result. Those here in New Jersey facing a similar situation may want to talk to an attorney who handles wrongful death claims to determine how best to hold responsible parties accountable.