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Businesses and individuals need to remove snow

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2021 | Personal Injury

There is still plenty opportunity left this winter for New Jersey to experience significant snowfall.

Following wintry weather, individuals and businesses in the Trenton area must take steps to clear snow and ice so that it will not present an unnecessary danger to others.

If they fail to do so, and a victim gets hurt as a result, they may have to pay compensation to the victim in a personal injury claim.

Individuals may be required to do their part to keep roads and sidewalks clear

Individuals must, under New Jersey law, clear their vehicles from excess snow before driving them. Otherwise, the snow could fly off while they are traveling and cause a slick spot on the road. It also could temporarily block the windshield of vehicles behind the car.

Either one of these circumstances creates a hazard which can lead to a motor vehicle accident or, possibly, an accident involving a pedestrian. Those who cause such accidents are liable for their negligence.

Residents should also check on local rules involving the clearing of sidewalks

Depending where they live, New Jersey residents may also have a legal obligation to clear their sidewalks after a period of snow and ice. Trenton, for example, requires owners of property, and those who live on the property, to clear their portion of the sidewalks within soon after a snowfall.

Again, not doing so may expose the resident both to fines and to civil liability should someone fall and get hurt.

Likewise, New Jersey businesses have an obligation to remove snow and ice from their parking lots and other common areas, for example, around the entrance to the store or office. They also will have to be sure that the are inside the business is dry and free of stray slush and ice.