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Investigation to determine fault in recent crash is ongoing

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2021 | Motor vehicle crashes

It is an unfortunate reality that many car accidents occur at intersections, no matter how much local officials attempt to enhance the safety measures at such crossroads. When two vehicles meet at an intersection and each driver thinks they have the right-of-way, the results can be devastating.

That appears to be the case in a recent car collision that occurred on February 14. The reports indicate that the collision occurred at an intersection in Hamilton Township, involving a small car and a minivan. According to the reports, the driver of a Toyota Prius was entering the intersection in question, at which time a Kia minivan slammed into the car. The result was the need to hospitalize everyone in the vehicles, which included both drivers, a passenger from the minivan and several passengers from the Prius.

Even with these details, law enforcement officials were still investigating in the immediate aftermath of the crash to determine how, exactly, the collision occurred. The news reports about the crash asked for anyone who saw what happened to contact local law enforcement.

Fault in a personal injury case

If a personal injury lawsuit results from this recent collision, the initial determination of fault by law enforcement officials could go a long way. Causation is a key element in any personal injury lawsuit – it is necessary for a plaintiff to prove that the named defendant did, indeed, cause the injuries that resulted from the collision. Police reports can be crucial. At our law firm, we work with New Jersey residents who are attempting to hold irresponsible drivers accountable.