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The three kinds of distractions when driving

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2021 | Motor vehicle crashes

Distracted driving is dangerous. That is because it causes a driver to stop focusing on the important task of driving and place their attention on another activity. In New Jersey and across the nation, distracted driving has become a major problem due to cell phone use in vehicles. However, distracted driving has always existed as distractions can come in many different forms.

There are 3 general types of distractions that plague drivers. This post will explore those and offer examples of each. As distractions cause dangerous and damaging accidents, victims of distracted driving crashes are invited to contact their trusted personal injury attorneys for support and advice with their claims.

Distractions based on sight

Many driving distractions occur because drivers take their eyes off the road. This can happen when they look at their phones, glance at passengers, or look down at directions or maps. Visual distractions are a dangerous cause of accidents and injuries.

Distractions based on movement

Other distractions occur when drivers stop using their hands to drive. One dangerous example of distraction through movement is a driver using their knees to drive while using their hands to eat or drink. Food, beverages, and even personal grooming devices can be distractions that cause drivers to stop using their hands.

Distractions based on thoughts

The final type of driving distraction that can cause serious accidents and injuries in victims is distraction through thought. Too often drivers get into their vehicles with their worries about family, work, and life on their minds. When they become distracted by what is in their heads and not on the roads, they can cause serious accidents.

Distracted driving is dangerous and common. It can be prevented. But when it happens and individuals get hurt, they may have legal options for seeking the recovery of their damages.