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What life is really like after being paralyzed in a car accident

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2021 | Motor vehicle crashes

Unless you have experienced a severe disability as a result of a car wreck, you cannot truly know what it is like. The next best thing is to listen when someone living with a disability tells you about their lives since their accident.

That is what a New Jersey woman who was paralyzed in an auto accident is doing on social media. Since November, she has been sharing her story on TikTok and Instagram, posting pictures and answering her followers’ questions about living with paraplegia.

High school car accident changed her life

Six years ago, the woman was a high school student who was invited to hang out with a new friend. When she arrived, she discovered boys drinking and doing drugs, and she asked the other girl to drive her home. Instead, the girl took her to an abandoned road, where she attempted a trick by pushing on the accelerator and brake at the same time. She lost control of her car and crashed.

When she woke up, the woman was in the hospital, where she would stay for the next seven months. She had suffered a spinal cord injury that paralyzed her below the chest. Today, as she explains in her posts, she relies on a wheelchair to get around. She suffers from spasms and neuropathic pain and has lost her independence. She cannot bathe herself or use the toilet and relies on others for help “one way or another.”

Total honesty about life with spinal injury

No subject is too personal. She recently devoted a video to her followers’ questions about sex. She confirmed that she cannot feel anything during intercourse, though she still feels menstrual cramps.

A major disability can affect every aspect of your life, from your ability to financially support your family to your ability to enjoy life. If a negligent driver disabled you, you could be entitled to substantial financial compensation for all you have lost.