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What workers’ comp benefits does New Jersey offer?

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Workers in New Jersey who suffer a job-related illness or injury may be able to receive financial benefits through the state’s workers’ compensation program.

Depending on the circumstances, workers’ compensation payments can include the following benefits.

Medical benefits can help cover out-of-pocket expenses

For one, through New Jersey’s workers’ compensation system, employers are supposed to pay for all reasonable and necessary healthcare costs that are related to the illness or injury.

In other words, employers are supposed to foot the bill for their employees if the employee gets hurt or sick at work.

Workers should realize, however, that the employer gets to choose the treatment provider in most cases.

Temporary Total Disability benefits are available if a worker has to miss time

If a worker’s illness or injury keeps her out of work for more than 7 days, then she may receive 70% of her wage during the time she is off work. This is subject to some limitations, including a limitation that can mean higher-earners do not get a full 70% of their check.

These benefits last for so long as a worker is undergoing medical treatment. The medical provider may eventually clear the worker to return to his job, at which point the benefits stop. The provider may also opine that the worker will not get much more relief from medical treatment, at which point the worker may qualify for permanent benefits.

Permanent partial or total benefits are available for serious injuries and illnesses

The most serious work-related accidents can leave a worker permanently physically damaged. In these cases, depending on their circumstances, the worker may qualify for an ongoing wage-replacement benefit that can be up to 70% of his average wages before the injury.

On a related point, death benefits are available to family members should a Trenton-area worker die in a fatal workplace accident.