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Carpenter hurt in New Jersey construction site scaffold collapse

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Construction is prevalent throughout New Jersey. Whether it is for building, repairs, maintenance or improvements, there is plenty of work for construction workers and contractors. While that is a positive, there is no doubt that it is dangerous work. Working high in the air, using heavy tools, manipulating equipment, operating vehicles and trusting co-workers and employers to maintain a safe workplace are all common concerns. Even on construction projects where safety is treated as a priority, accidents happen. On many jobs, there are lapses. After an accident, it is critical to understand how and why it happened. So too is it imperative to know how to file for workers’ compensation benefits.

Construction worker injured when scaffold collapses

A scaffold collapse led to a 44-year-old man being hospitalized. The accident happened in the early afternoon at about 1:30. The man was not on the scaffold at the time of its collapse, but underneath it. He was pinned. Emergency services arrived and extricated him. Fortunately, he was said to have been in serious but stable condition and his injuries were not life-threatening. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is investigating the incident.

Construction work is inherently risky

With scaffolds, most people might think the injuries generally occur when a person falls from a height. While that is true, the scaffold can also collapse – as it did in this case – and fall on an unsuspecting worker below. This is a fundamental challenge with construction work as the projects are extremely busy with danger constantly lurking. For construction workers, there can be back injuries, muscle tears, head injuries, cuts, bruises, electrocutions and lost limbs. There are a seemingly limitless number of problems that can arise putting a worker out of commission and worse.

Workers’ compensation can help to cover for all that was lost

Medical costs, lost time on the job and the possibility of long-term physical and mental issues from a work accident can be overwhelming. Workers’ compensation benefits are available to provide people with coverage for wage loss, medical care and disability if he or she cannot get back to work. It is important, however, that the injured worker provides all the necessary information and is protected from the outset. In some cases, there is a gap as to how severe the injuries are or if the benefits should be provided at all. Having help from the beginning is critical to maximize workers’ compensation.