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Businesses have an obligation to keep visitors safe

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2022 | Personal Injury

Crime can happen anywhere. However, businesses in New Jersey do have to take reasonable steps to prevent crimes from happening on their property.

What a business has to do will depend on a number of circumstances.

For example, a business that has a history of crime on its premises or which is in a high-crime neighborhood might need to take some additional steps, like hiring a security guard.

The type of business also matters. An establishment that is a bar, for example, should probably take more security measures than, say, a children’s museum.

A business’s responsibility is not just about preventing trespassers from committing crimes on the business’s premises. Sometimes, a business’s other customers or even their employees can be a security threat.

In some cases, to ensure security, a business may need to think more carefully about whom they hire. They should also have clear expectations for the behavior of their customers and other visitors and enforce consequences when those expectations are not met.

At a minimum, any business should make sure that its existing security features are in proper working order.

Businesses have a responsibility to fix broken lights, improperly working locks and other obvious security problems before a criminal takes advantage of the opportunity.      

What are my legal options if I get attacked on a business’s property?

After getting attacked on the property of a business, a resident of or visitor to the Trenton area has several possible legal options.

Unfortunately, too often criminals do not have the means to pay for the consequences of their behavior.

It may be necessary for a victim or their family to pursue other legal options, including a personal injury claim if the business where the attack happened was negligent in providing security.