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Help! What do I do after a car accident?

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2023 | Motor vehicle crashes

Regardless of what part of the Garden State you live in, it is likely you have been involved in a car accident. However, you may not know what to do after one. You may have incurred consequences as a result. That is why this post is devoted to preparing for just such an inevitability.

Preparation before the crash

Before a car accident, you should prepare for a Trenton, New Jersey, motor vehicle accident. The best prep you should have ready to go is a dashboard camera. It should be set up and recording before you hit the road every day. Ideally, it should record 360 degrees, but if you cannot afford a full 360-degree camera, a front or rear camera is okay. If that is too expensive, one that at least covers the front is better than nothing because a camera is better than no camera.

Step one

Check yourself and everyone in your car for injuries. If everyone is okay, quickly take a video with your phone of the immediate aftermath of the accident scene. However, if you already have a dashboard camera, this is just to make sure you have a backup.

Step two

Unless it is unsafe to get out of your car, check to see if it is safe to move your car. Turn your hazards on, and then move your car to the side of the road, which is a safer location.

Now that you are in a safer location, call 9-1-1; give them your location; ask for the police, an ambulance and the fire department; if you see smoke or liquids draining from your vehicle or any other vehicle, let them know there has been a severe car accident. Give them your name, contact information, and that you need to go care for the injured people in your car. Then, disconnect the call.

Be careful not to give too much information. Do not stay on the line too long unless there is someone in the car who is severely injured, and you need their help to provide first aid. Otherwise, that dispatcher may be looking for a reason to not dispatch first responders.

Step Three

The final stage is documentation. You need to get the Trenton, New Jersey, police officer’s information, including the police report, the contact information for any witnesses, and the driver’s information, including insurance and vehicle information. Additional pictures of your car, their car and the car accident scene can help as well.