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After DUI accidents, bar proprietors punished under state law

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2020 | DUI/Dram Shop Laws

It might sound like basic common sense for New Jersey bar owners and their employees to know that it is unwise to continue serving alcohol to people who are clearly intoxicated, but it still happens. What many might not realize is that there may be penalties with the state authorities if the person leaves the establishment, gets into a motor vehicle and has a drunk driving accident with injuries. In addition, there is dram shop liability where a legal filing can be initiated by the victims and loved ones. People who have been injured in a DUI crash and are seeking compensation should be aware of this law. Recently, two bar proprietors were sanctioned for continuing to serve people who subsequently had a fatal DUI accident.

Owners must sell liquor license and adhere to other rules

The owners of two bars that were on or near separate college campuses were found to have allowed customers to drink excessively before they had fatal accidents within one year of each other. As punishment, they must follow certain rules put in place by the Alcoholic Beverage Control. The owners will sell the liquor license within two years. They will also reduce their operating hours and pay $550,000.

A 22-year-old man had too much to drink at one of the bars in December 2018. He left the bar and had a head-on collision with a vehicle carrying six university students. The driver – who was functioning as the group’s designated driver – died. The five others were injured. The driver who was in the bar in question had a blood-alcohol content triple the state’s legal limit. Less than a year later in October, a 21-year-old male left the establishment drunk. His BAC was also triple the limit and he crashed into a wall. He died and injured his passenger.

After a DUI accident, a dram shop case may yield compensation

When people have been injured in an auto accident, it is imperative to know what caused it. This can be a fundamental aspect of a successful claim. If it was due to a driver who was under the influence and there are medical expenses, lost wages, the need for extended care and other challenges, a legal filing can help to recover for what was lost. If there was a fatality, the family left behind can also seek some level of justice. Dram shop laws are in place to dissuade bars and other establishments that sell alcohol from continuing to serve clearly intoxicated patrons. Consulting with a legal professional experienced in dram shop liability drunk driving accidents may be able to help with a case.