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Duty to warn in a premises liability case

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2021 | Personal Injury

Property-based injuries can be profoundly serious and cause extensive harm to victims. When a Trenton resident falls on steps, slips on ice, or trips over loose flooring, they may suffer injuries that are long-lasting and severe. Some victims of premises liability accidents suffer from their afflictions for the rest of their lives.

There are ways for property owners to protect their visitors from possible premises liability injuries, and one of those is to honor their duty to warn of potential property dangers. This informational post will provide readers with some explanations of this duty, but readers should not rely on the contents of this post as legal advice. Attorneys who represent premises liability victims and other personal injury claimants can provide good information to those with questions about their options.

Duties of property owners

When a property owner knows that someone will legally be on their land or when they invite someone to visit them upon their land, they generally must take reasonable efforts to make the property safe. This can mean making repairs and handling any possible threats that foreseeably could cause harm to visitors.

Additionally, when a property owner cannot fix a danger on their land, they have a duty to warn their visitors of the threat. When a property owner fails to issue such a warning and a visitor is injured, that property owner may carry liability for their victim’s losses.

Pursuing premises liability losses

No one expects to get hurt when they are a known visitor on the property of another individual. Most individuals expect that where they are invited to go will be safe for them and not pose dangers to their safety and health. Therefore, when someone is hurt in a property-based accident, they may have rights to seek compensation for their losses through the pursuit of legal damages. Pursuing damages can require litigation, and personal injury lawyers can help those with pending claims.