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Property Owners Should Be Held Accountable For Negligence That Causes Injuries

Whether you are grocery shopping, walking to work or visiting a friend’s home, you have the expectation of safety. This is the principle behind premises liability. The people who own the places you go to have the responsibility to keep those places safe.

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On Dangerous Property

The reasonable expectation of safety in the community is of paramount importance. Keeping public places free from hazards is the duty of the property owners, and if they ignore that duty they are guilty of negligence. This negligence can manifest in many ways such as:

  • Being hit by falling objects near a construction site
  • Slipping and falling at the grocery store
  • Being the victim of a crime near a hotel
  • Animal bites received while on a neighbor’s property
  • Being struck by a car at a confusing intersection

The key fact of these matters is the avoidability of the injury. That means if the owner of the property, or someone managing it, could have resolved the situation that hurt you, but did not, then they are liable.

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