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Statewide impaired-driving safety program started in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2022 | Motor vehicle crashes

Statistics suggest more people are getting behind the wheel and driving impaired than ever before. It may seem as though not enough was being done to combat the problem by the U.S. government or by local officials. It has been a national issue for a long time but now, local officials in New Jersey are doing something about it. It was recently announced that New Jersey is launching a statewide multimedia program that will make people more aware of the perils of impaired driving.

The 2022 campaign focuses on how substances influence a person’s driving. The campaign will tackle the subject in an assertive way, with billboard signs, radio and online advertisements, on social media, and other forms of media across New Jersey.

The catalyst for the safety campaign in New Jersey

You may be wondering why the safety campaign is being launched so aggressively now. The fact is that there were more fatalities and injuries on the roads in 2021 than ever before and local officials felt that they needed to do something about it. Over time, it was determined that a large portion of those injuries and fatalities had substances as contributing factors. Officials needed to do something about the issue before it got any worse.

The issue may have gotten even more serious because of the legalization of small amounts of marijuana. If the safety campaign is effective, it could potentially make a big difference to the number of accidents that occur and it could save numerous lives in the process. However, for the campaign to be effective, people need to listen to what is being said and to truly understand how dangerous it is to drive impaired.

The valuable advice of an experienced New Jersey lawyer

If you have experienced an accident and drugs and/or alcohol were involved, you may find the solid advice of an experienced lawyer to be invaluable to your case. The right advice can really help turn around your case for a hopefully positive outcome. It is important for you to understand and protect your rights thoroughly and to understand the process that you are facing.