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Commercial truck crashes cause TBIs

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2022 | Firm News

The unfortunate result of commercial truck crashes are severe, debilitating injuries. With the size of semis, the fact that some truck accident victims walk away uninjured is genuinely surprising. However, what some Trenton, New Jersey, crash victims forget is that not all injuries can be seen in the mirror.

Hidden injuries

With the national discussion over mental health in the headlines, New Jersey commercial truck accident victims may focus on their mental health, along with their obvious physical injuries. However, what sometimes is forgotten is traumatic brain injuries. This is forgotten because these physical injuries are hidden, and the people who suffer from these symptoms do not always notice them either.

Hidden symptoms

Hidden physical symptoms may be misinterpreted as mental health symptoms. For example, shock, anxiety, headaches, nausea and sleeplessness often occur after any car accident. And, these symptoms could result from both a TBI and mental health trauma.

Symptoms only seen by others

Another unique aspect of TBIs is that TBI symptoms may only be seen by others. Indeed, your entire being could change, and you may not even notice. For example, you may have trouble communicating, but you sound perfectly fine to yourself. This can occur where you intend to say something, but what comes out is entirely different.

You may experience dramatic mood swings that turn violent. However, everything may seem fine to you and your anger is perfectly justified. You may not even remember losing consciousness, but you could have lost consciousness for seconds or minutes before help arrived.

Get medical help

After a Trenton, New Jersey, commercial truck accident, even if you feel fine, get checked out by the ambulance, and then, go to the hospital. You never know what you do not know until you know. And, a TBI could have lifetime impacts to your quality of life.