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Why A Certified Workers’ Compensation Law Attorney Is Important

Workers’ compensation is supposed to be an easy, no-fault system that will protect injured workers and get them the benefits they need. However, claims do not always go as expected. When you need legal help with a workers’ compensation claim, choosing the right lawyer can be difficult. Selecting a certified workers’ compensation law attorney is wise.

Attorney Paul A. Devlin has devoted his practice to workers’ compensation since 1999, and he has the distinction of being a Certified Workers’ Compensation Attorney as recognized by the Supreme Court of New Jersey. Because workers’ compensation is attorney Devlin’s specialty, he has unique insights and knowledge that can benefit our clients in Trenton, Mercer County and the surrounding areas.

Not All Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Are The Same

Many attorneys handle workers’ compensation claims as part of their practice, but there are only a few who have earned certification from the New Jersey Supreme Court as specialists in the area. To obtain this particular designation, like attorney Paul A. Devlin, an attorney must:

  • Be a member in good standing with the state bar for more than five years
  • Be able to show that they have substantial experience in workers’ comp law
  • Fulfill ongoing requirements for continuing legal education in the area of practice
  • Passed a written exam on New Jersey’s workers’ compensation law
  • Received positive evaluations from other legal professionals familiar with their work

In short, working with an attorney with Certification in workers’ compensation law means that you are working with someone who has proven their competence and skill. They have a deeper, nuanced understanding of the law that allows for a more strategic approach to every case.

Get Reliable, Affordable Legal Assistance

At Devlin, Cittadino & Shaw, P.C., our workers’ compensation clients do not pay anything – even for a consultation – unless we successfully recover compensation. If you or your loved one has been injured at work, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting experienced, dedicated legal assistance on your side. Call 609-557-7876 or use our online contact form to schedule your appointment today.