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Too Much Of The Same Motion On The Job Can Cause Serious Injuries

If you are new to office work, you may believe that you are not in any hazard of any injuries. After a while you will understand that this simply is not the case. Office workers face a unique set of injuries, coupled with a lack of sympathy from many who do not believe their repetitive motion injuries are “real.”

At Devlin, Cittadino & Shaw, P.C., our attorneys know how debilitating a repetitive motion injury can be. We will work with you to get you the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve. Do not let a “seeming” lack of necessity stop you from getting the help you need.

Doing the same motion all day, every day, for months or years on end will cause damage. Even if you do not “work with your hands,” your ability to provide for your family will be affected. Call us at 609-557-7876 to get a free consultation and begin getting back to work.

There are many types of repetitive motion injuries, and their results can cause debilitating pain to the people who suffer from them. These injuries include such conditions as:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome: A nerve condition that develops from long hours using the wrist in a common typing position.
  • Tennis elbow: Repeated twisting and turning motions common in tool use cause pain along the exterior of the forearm, weakening your grip.
  •  Tendinitis: The stretching and swelling of tendons in the wrist and shoulder can make using your hands to type or reach above your head an excruciating process, as well as many other conditions.

If you are suffering from pain accrued over a career of doing your job, you should do what it takes to get healthy. Our firm is here to help you do that.

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If you suffer from a repetitive motion injury contact our firm today to get a free consultation with one of our lawyers. There are no strings attached to this meeting, and if you do decide to move forward with litigation, we do not take a fee unless we win. Our office is located in Trenton, New Jersey, and can be reached at 609-557-7876 or through our online form.

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