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Protecting The Injured Against Uninsured Drivers

Irresponsible drivers are everywhere and not just in New Jersey. Some within this group take the extra bonehead step to drive without insurance. It’s a risk they take, and a hazard for which the rest of us must be aware. If you get in an accident with one of these such drivers and become injured, you may find that your insurance company may not be eager to help you.

However, the attorneys at Devlin, Cittadino & Shaw, P.C., in Trenton, New Jersey, will do so. For over 60 years, our law firm has tackled many such cases that initially lead you saying, “Help! The other driver didn’t have insurance!” We will do our best to provide you with peace of mind, listening to you, investigating your case and advocating for you. We will do our best to secure compensation for injuries caused by an uninsured driver.

Aggressively Negotiating With Insurance Companies

Top-notch negotiators and litigators, our attorneys take the extra effort to resolve your case. Perhaps your insurance policy did not include coverage for an uninsured or underinsured driver. Now your insurance company is balking at paying you the money you need to help you recover from your injuries. This is not right, and we will go to bat for you.

Our skilled team of personal injury attorneys is resourceful, thorough and solid investigators. We leave no stone unturned when advocating for our clients. You have been in an accident. You’re injured, and your vehicle is totaled. We will do our best to achieve an agreement in your favor.

Free Consultations That Will Help You

We will aggressively represent you if injured in an accident involving an uninsured motorist. As skilled negotiators, our skilled attorneys go head-to-head with insurance companies to secure the compensation you deserve for medical expenses and lost wages. Our attorneys at Devlin, Cittadino & Shaw, P.C., in Trenton, New Jersey, provide free consultations. Contact our team or call us at 609-557-7876.

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